Why Do We Rank So Well for SEO Victoria BC?

FAQ – Why Does IM Vanguard Rank So Well for SEO Victoria BC?

Recently we’ve been asked why we rank so well for SEO Victoria BC.  We’re not the largest SEO and Internet marketing company in Victoria BC, yet we rank above A LOT of our competitors.  Though it would be nice to sit here and bask in the rays of our greatness, we figured it would be a lot more productive if we shared some strategies with you.  What makes us proud of this accomplishment is that we are competing against other SEO firms in Victoria BC.  These are the créme de la créme of our industry, and we’re beating most of them!

We are the only company with TWO organic (and most valuable) spots on the first page of Google!  See our video as well!  It’s a !

We hope you are as excited as we are, because we’re going to shed some light on what has put us above the majority of those in our industry.

Welcome to the IM Vanguard SEO Victoria BC Ranking Report

1. First of all it is a matter of sorting out our site properly. Though there are some people, other experts even, who will tell you that taking care of “on site” SEO is not completely necessary, we still do it on all of our sites.  That may sound dogmatic, but it’s actually much more than that! We have found that sites optimized properly rank more quickly and higher than if they are not optimized at all.

With that said, we have also found that these factors do not place as large a role as they once did!  That’s unfortunate, but nonetheless they still matter in our books.

So what kind of things are we talking about?  Well, things like optimizing our site for the keywords that we are looking to rank for, like SEO Victoria BC .  Making sure that the keywords are in the meta tags, meta titles, and meta descriptions.  Also, having properly optimized H1, H2, H3 tags.  These types of things are Search engine optimization canon.  We’ll continue to employ them, until it seems unnecessary.

And to be honest, trying to fit in keywords for local businesses can be somewhat cumbersome in text!  So, it probably will become mostly unecessary.

2. Another thing we have been doing with great success, is creating meaningful and worthwhile content on our site! This is a highly controversial SEO tactic! Highly controversial!  However, we have tested to see whether or not content alone (properly optimized) can rank a site, and yes it can!

This testing spirit is what marketing is ultimately all about.  And it is one of those things that many ‘Internet marketers’ don’t fully develop or learn.  What a pity!

Updating the content on the site, and adding more value has indeed increased our rankings.  Some SEO professionals do report that they can get a site to rank without any content, even on the home page. The sites we build aren’t generally setup like that, so we haven’t tested it; however, we certainly believe that the Search engine ranking factors off of a site can certainly hold a high level of sway!

And Finally … The Secret Ninja Stealth Drop Kick Silver Bullet to Our SEO Victoria BC Success

3. That brings us to the final factor.  Backlinks! We generally go for high quality backlinks versus low quality ones.  Some examples of low quality links are the forum links that we have that point to this site.  We post on forums for fun and for links.  We would likely need a few ten thousand more to move up with just those links!

But what makes a high quality link?  You ask!  Well that’s a very personal question!  LOL.  Unfortunately that is not a strategy that we are going to share right out in the open.  We are doing an outstanding job for our clients, and we like to keep this one nugget close to chest.  It’s one of those things that if I told ya, I’d have to … you know.

We hope you have the sense of humour to take the jokes in this article.  If not, then that’s unfortunate!

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to get assistance for your business.  Please don’t call if you are not serious about your success, because our time is EXTREMELY valuable.  Also, please don’t call if you’re not a good person or if you don’t have a sense of humour!  We wouldn’t get along anyway.

Wishing you all the best in life and in business!

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