The Top 7 Major Factors that Cause Your Site to Drop in Ranking


Top 7 Reasons Why Websites Drop in the Rankings

Your site just got knocked off the map by Google.  I’m sorry to hear that. It happens to even SEO pros.  Though it is certainly disheartening, it is not the end.  Nor is it time to give up. Search engine optimization is a science and a game.  It’s one of those things in life that requires perspective to see in the right light.  By rethinking your strategies you can move your way back up the SERPs.  You can overcome even the biggest challenges in SEO.

The first key is to always have in mind what Google is trying to provide: they want their end users to have a positive experience with their search engine.  This means that a user gets results that are relevant to them.  That’s all Google is trying to do.  If your site isn’t providing a good experience, then Google (Panda) will catch up with you no matter what else you’re doing for rankings.

1. Panda Slap – Content has proven to not be engaging, so Google knocks a site down (high bounce rate, low time on site, for example).

2. Devaluing of links pointing to a site. This can mean that one or many of the links pointing to your site have been devalued or deleted.

3. An outbound link to a “bad neighbourhood”. Here we are talking about a link you have directed to a site that Google does not trust.

4. The search algorithm has changed.  This basically means that no one (outside of people at the search engine) knows exactly what has changed.  Internet marketers take educated guesses at the impacts of these algorithm updates by testing.

5. You made some substantial changes to your site that had an adverse effect.  For example maybe you changed WordPress themes.

6. Poor linking strategies have also been known to cause drops in search engine rankings.  Websites that have the same anchor text to a single page (e.g. the home page) have experienced stunning dips in ranking.  The cure of course is link diversity.

7. It may just be that others in your market are doing a better job than you in terms of SEO.  This is not as simple as it seems on the surface; however, it can make some sense of the situation.

Here is one of the major COMMON misconceptions about what causes a drop in search engine rankings :

Many people believe that if enough quality raters at Google give your site a bad score, then you will drop.  The truth is that quality raters don’t have that sort of power.  Here’s some more information from Search Engine Land .

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