The Crucial Keys to Overdelivering in Any Business


Crucial Keys to Over-delivering in Any Business

I was speaking with a fellow Internet marketer recently, talking about getting reviews for a business. And, he said sternly, as he tends to do, that the way to get reviews is to over deliver.  Funny enough but that also happens to be the way to keep clients! And get referrals! And build a strong brand!

Alright, let me be clear and say that overdelivery is not the ONLY way to get these things.  However, it’s probably the best and possibly the easiest.  SO, it seems perfectly reasonable to say that it is darned important!  Right?

Yet not everyone knows how to overdeliver! Not everyone focuses on this even on a theoretical level in their business!  This is one of those things that you should be able to shout out if someone jumped you in a back alley (and asked you about it).  I’m not sure exactly who might be doing that, but it’s just a thought experiment anyway.

Anyway,  I promised you some keys to helping you overdeliver in your business and that’s just what I’m going to do.

1. Underpromise and over deliver.

Alright, I can hear the groans right now.  Who hasn’t heard that one before?  I learned that in when I was in first grade.  Fair enough, but I don’t think we can be reminded of it too often.

My partner likes to bring this one up whenever he can.

2. Care … I said CARE about the person you are serving!

Compassion will set you free.  It’s one of the great truths of life.  If you think only about yourself and your own concerns, challenges, and priorities it doesn’t seem possible for you to be truly happy.  This is GREAT news.  Because it means that can stop thinking quite so much about yourself, become a better (more compassionate) person, and do better in business!

That’s a glorious idea!

It’s glorious because we get so much for methodically going in the direction of fulfillment (and happiness).

3. See it from their perspective.

Now, before you get up and walk away, because you think this is the same as number 2, just hear me out.  We call this walking a mile in someone else’s shoes.  Something we have all heard before, but often forget to apply.

When you look at someone’s situation from their perspective, in a business setting you can understand if your strategy is working.  For example, does your client even actually know about all of the work you are doing? Does he or she know clearly what you are minimally required to do?

In other words, you need to SHOW them that you are doing right by them .

Remember that everyone thinks they’re worth a million bucks.  It’s important to treat them like that.

I don’t like to go on longer than is necessary, so I’ll wrap this post up.  We’re all busy, but I think that today we have covered the fundamentals.  Apply these to your life and your business, and you will succeed (if you work hard and don’t expect others to do things for you).

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Wishing you only the best in business and in life,

Ben Sarma

Founder and Lead Marketer at IM Vanguard .

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