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SEO Victoria BC
These days Search engine optimization or SEO is a very delicate science. Hiring the wrong Victoria SEO company can unfortunately damage the rankings of your website (permanently even)! These days we actually recommend going with AdWords before SEO.

Google AdWords

Website Optimization Victoria BC
Before the middle of 2012 search engine optimization would have been our first recommendation in search and even online marketing. The game has changed, and AdWords is now the most cost-effective way to leverage Google for your business. A big benefit of this is that we can guarantee our work (something very foolish to do in SEO). No one will ever pay us for AdWords if they aren't making enough money to justify it in their own minds.

With all the money thrown away on advertising that isn't working, this is a comforting thought. For us, as we're sure it is for you.

Website Design

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One of the hardest things to do in marketing your business is to find a dependable and competent web designer. I've seen business owners get ripped off for thousands of dollars for sites that are worth hundreds! It can be tough out there finding a web designer you can believe in. We understand this.

Too often websites are not actually oriented towards lead generation. They read like resumes. We have seen way too many sites that are losing potential clients and money (for businesses). Web design is important for your business, so be sure your designer is experienced in marketing.

Web design is all about marketing.

Email Marketing

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Do you have any of those useless emails sitting in your inbox? The ones for that list you signed up for ages ago ... Email marketing is often misunderstood. When you do it properly people actually open their emails. It can be a powerful way to connect with clients and offer further services. Contact us to learn how to re-imagine your email marketing campaign.

Mobile Marketing

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Mobile Marketing is the largest growing field of Internet marketing. And, at the end of the day, you have to have a special website setup for mobile, so clients can actually view your site on their mobile devices. Regular websites just don't do the job.