Here are the Questions They Should Have Asked – Our SEO Victoria BC Internet marketing SAQ (should ask questions).

1. What separates an outstanding Victoria BC Internet marketing and SEO company from the others?

There are MANY things that separate the boys and girls from the women and men in this profession.  The first point of deparature is price.  The worst and least experienced Victoria Internet marketing and SEO companies compete on price.  They drive their own prices into the ground in order to attract clients who don’t understand the value of what they could and should be getting.

Another point that separates quality Internet marketing from lower quality is that the emphasis is actually on MARKETING!  Internet marketing requires a great deal of background knowledge just to know where you and your website stand.  Because of this steep learning curve, many Internet marketers in Victoria BC, and all over the world, place an imbalanced emphasis on the knoweldge base required to keep up with changes in search engines (and search engine optimization).  This knowledge of course is important, but it looks at exposure and NOT the structure of the marketing!  That’s a HUGE mistake in Internet marketing!  Many Internet marketers don’t spend a great deal of time focusing on consumer psychology, marketing plans, and helping sites speak to your prospects.

We’re Victoria BC web marketers who are obsessed with the Internet and with marketing (and of course Internet marketing)!

2. Why do you focus on value rather than offering the lowest price?

Why don’t you have the lowest price in your market?  The answer is really quite simple, competing on price is a dead end.  There is always going to be someone who will underbid you and it devalues your services in the process.  Instead of going for the lowest price, and attracting bargain shoppers we wish to attract clients that actually a positive partnership, clients that want a Victoria SEO and Internet marketing company that offers more value.  We do this by not just focusing on ranking your main domain.

If you want more info about what we are actually offering for SEO you go to our value page.

3. Should I be using social media for my marketing?

We talked a bit about Victoria social media marketing in our Internet marketing FAQ . Here we’re going to drive the point home.  This video is AMAZING:

Here’s an older version of the video that’s also inspiring. Social Media Revolution

4. Should I do organic SEO or Google Adwords PPC?

Just to make sure it’s clear, organic SEO focuses on the non-paid rankings (“organic”) in Google or Bing.  PPC stands for pay per click (the ads at the top and sides of the search results).

Both of these options are worthwhile marketing avenues for local businesses.  PPC can be a good way to scoop in some extra cash.  It can also be very competitive, in some cases just as competitive as search engine optimization. Our emphasis at IM Vanguard tends to be on the organic SEO side.  As I’m sure you know, the non-paid (non-ad) listings get A LOT more traffic!  The most valuable spot on the page is the top organic spot, by FAR!  Here are two images that help illustrate the point:

This Google traffic image gives you a sense for why we always keep pushing for the first spot in Google! It is about 4 to 15 TIMES more valuable than the other spots on the first page!

Here are the figures for Pay Per Click advertising:

The first PPC spot is at best, between the third and forth organic spot on the page!  And it falls dramatically after that! And that’s if you get the first spot.  Regardless of your spot on the page every single click has to be paid for.

We just wanted to give you some insight into why PPC or Google Ads is not our main focus for Victoria web marketing . We see it as more of a potential compliment to organic SEO, to add credibility through exposure.

5. Is SEO all I need to do for my site in order to get more clients?

I really wish I could say “yes” to this question.  However, that would be a lie.  Search engine optimization is really just a component of complete Internet marketing.  There are A LOT of absolutely terrible business websites out there, or at least sites that have content that has never even been proofread by a copywriter.  A site is a marketing tool for converting traffic/prospects into paying clients.  When this is forgotten you lose money (and potential clients).  This is why we offer website optimization and copywriting .

6.Why do you generally only work with one company per industry per city/region?

The reasons for this are many; however, the main one for us is ethical.  We don’t feel it’s ethical to work for two companies in the same industry and city because then one of them will have to get more attention than the other.  Also, our business relationships are partnerships, so we are generally trying to get as much business as possible for our clients.  Since our goal is to reach the first spots in Google in Bing, and other exposures on the first page, we can only fully support one company.  With that said there are specific fees that apply to have exclusive access to our services.

I hope that makes sense.

7.Why shouldn’t I go with cheap Internet marketing in Victoria BC or a cheap Victoria SEO company?

The answer to this is pretty much the same as in any industry.  In Victoria SEO, as in many things, you get what you pay for.  If you hire Internet marketers for $100-150 a month, then they can’t give you what we do! It’s not possible!  So the value of you are getting is worse, right out of the gate.

Furthermore, the customer service, meetings, professionalism, expertise, etc. will be lacking.  It’s simple matter of cause and effect.  How can a company that is working on small profit margins actually serve your interests?  How can they actually care about your success (rather than just doing the least they can)?  The answer is simple, and I’m sure you already know what it is.  My advice is to not skimp on your marketing.

Most of the time it pays to go for quality over cheapness.  And it would be our honor to work together with you: to help you succeed.

8. Why should I have a focused (Internet) marketing plan?

At the end of the day, you can try to wing your marketing.  You may even get lucky; however, as a marketer, I hope that you decide to spend your money on marketing in a focused and tested (or testing) way.  Internet marketing, like other forms of marketing, requires some patience and a desire to test and find what actually works.

Focus is the only way to ensure that your marketing heads in the direction that you actually intend it to.  With that said you have to be adaptable and creative with marketing.  Focus is what allows your marketing to hit its target.

9. Why is IM Vanguard so insistent on pushing until my site reaches the first spot through our Victoria SEO campaign?

As you can see from the graphic above, the first spot of Google is simply BY FAR the most valuable!  True you can’t get there overnight.  And TRUE, if someone guarantees that you will get there, then they are … lying.  Nonetheless, we just want your business to succeed.  Ultimately that means pushing and doing everything we can until your site is in the first “organic” spot, or the first non-advertised spot for your most relevant keywords.

Here’s another illuminating image:

SEO Victoria BC - Eyetracking Graphic

Keep in mind that this is from a year or two ago, but it shows the eye movement of searchers.  Again, remember that the advertisements are not factored into this.  Pay per click is ultimately less effective than powerful search engine optimization for a Victoria business.

10. Why am I not using social media to market my business?

For most of us the answer to this is pretty simple.  It is a matter of not having enough time!  Or not managing time well enough, depending on how you look at it.  There is no one in any industry, however, that cannot benefit from marketing via social media.  It just takes a strong and competitent plan and dedication.

At the end of the day though, if you don’t want to do social media marketing then it’s unfortunate (mostly for you).  Social media is happening; it’s revolutionizing our lives as it forces the web to evolve.  We have the option to be a part of the revolution or be left behind.  Don’t get me wrong some people who are left behind will be successful, but they could have achieved more.

Contact us if you are looking for a partner who will take your interests as their own.

More Victoria Internet marketing and SEO SAQs, coming soon.

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  1. Reeney says:

    These are very good questions that one needs to ask themselves when it comes to Internet Marketing. I especially was interested in the issue to do with PPC vs organic SEO.


    • Ben says:

      Hello Reeney,

      Yeah it’s actually an interesting aspect of SEM (search engine marketing). Of course pay per click advertising can be used on its own; however, for the purpose of a business if it’s one or the other organic SEO is the better way to go. It’s generally cheaper, and PPC can still be very competitive if the market is. PPC traffic does convert a little better however. Anyway, as I said, I prefer both or just organic SEO.

  2. Reeney says:

    Thanks for the insight. I’m still try to figure the best way to go for my blog. Right now I’m working with organic traffic and a bit of Social Media.

  3. carlton says:

    I totally agree with you that businesses ought to have an internet marketing plan in order to succeed online.This plan helps create clear goals,develop strategies geared towards achieving the set goals,and lastly set a realistic time frame.


    • Ben says:

      Hey Carleton,

      I agree that business NEED an Internet marketing plan! Every business is marketing; it’s just that some are doing it (far) better than others. Every business is marketing online; again, it’s just that some our doing it far better than others. One of our goals is to bring our clients in Victoria and on Vancouver Island to the top of their market.

      Thanks for the comment Carlton. All the best,


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