It’s Time to Get Those Google Reviews


Google DRAMATICALLY Changes Their Review Gathering!

At the end of this post I’m going to share a few insider tips on reviews!

If you have been following your Google Places page at all in recent days then you may have noticed that huge red button!  It says write a review!  That’s pretty cool in and of itself.  It’s so simple, but so dramatically improved.  It used to just be a basic hyperlink … what a silly little difference.

Anyway, the BIG change has come in how Google now collects reviews. What they are doing now is a long way different then what they were doing only a few days ago.  Just last week they were collecting reviews from all types of sites, from: Yelp to Yellowpages to Canpages.  Now those reviews are of course still collected, but they do not add to your ratings in Google Places.

It’s one of those things that Google is doing to try to add emphasis to their site.  At least that is how it seems.  From an Internet marketers perspective, it’s pretty cool, because they have a VERY simple review system!  This means that when business owners get their clients to leave reviews, it is a much more simple process.  Hey everyone wins, right?


Maybe everyone doesn’t win, afterall.  Just kidding.  It’s really a great thing for everyone, besides the secondary review sites, like Yelp, etc.  They just become a bit more irrelevant if Google is not promoting their reviews actively.  Besides their loss however this is a win for end users.  It’s easier and businesses get the win as well.

Now here are a few tips:

1. You need at least 6 reviews to get the gold stars beside your listing in Google.  GET THEM AT ALL COSTS!  These increase conversion dramatically, and can add a HUGE amount of value to your web presense!

2. Saying that you want reviews is only the first step.  You need to have a system in place to get those reviews.  The same thing goes for referrals.  I could spend another 1000 words going into depth about how to do this, but those are some of our trade secrets . We do give them out freely to our partners (clients) however. Or we also work with businesses on reputation management (so contact us if you want to learn more about this).

3. Just be honest, and be a good person!  Don’t leave bad reviews on your competition’s site.  That’s just a terrible thing to do.  We have heard of some businesses doing this, and frankly we’re disgusted!  It’s embarrassing, immoral, and shallow.  The flipside of this is don’t leave fake (positive) reviews on your own business.  people can sniff these out, and they just make your business look sneaky and unprofessional.

I hope that gives you some feedback and some ideas for your own review management.  If you would ever like to get in touch with us then please just give us a call (778) 433-7441, or write in the comments section of the relevant post/page.  If you would like to learn more about Internet marketing, from SEO to social media then please check out our web marketing FAQ and SAQ .  We are here at your service for all of your Victoria BC Internet marketing needs.

To your success,

Ben Sarma

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