Golden Strategies to Generate More Business Using Facebook

No Matter What You Do for Marketing Use Facebook

I’ve been thinking recently about how to use Facebook (marketing) to generate more revenue for my clients.  They are up past 750 million users now!  That number will probably double by the time you read this post .  I’m just joking with you!  I’m going to share a few strategies to get prospects into your Facebook sales funnel.  Today we’re focusing on different components of your Facebook Fan Page.

1. The standard opt-in procedure is to offer a reward when someone comes to your page (or site) .  It’s tried; it’s tested, and it’s true!  You give them something of value for liking your page or taking your action of choice and then keep giving them value!  This is a simple formula, but it is OFTEN messed up!  The problem is that people don’t always give real value! The thing is we don’t need those crummy 20 page reports, written without any soul.  If you want to make this really work offer something of true value.

A few examples may be things like entering them into a competition (the prize can be a service you offer), giving them a real service (like a website analysis – or something relevant in your industry), offer a coupon or discount if they do your action, give them a DIY guide for something simple in your industry (must be well crafted though), create a meaningful partnership or several and offer them exclusive access to those partnerships (and insider deals).  The last idea there is a BIG one!  The big kahuna!  You are going to have to use some imagination there to fill in the gaps, or just ask some questions about it in the comments.  Haha.

2. Remember your Fan Page also functions as a 2nd website, not just a wall .  I’m sure you’ve seen some of the best fan pages out there.  They have a succinct system for grabbing your attention.  They have a lot more than just a wall and or a nice graphic.  Remember that Facebook marketing is STILL MARKETING!  I know that sounds straight forward (because it is), but you have to give people things to do, and details to answer their questions.  You have to give them value.  Fan pages give you the opportunity to show off your business and win a client over to your brand.  A wall on its own can’t do this.

3. Put video on there! Start interacting with people over the Internet.  I know that I still need to get my video going on my own business.  LOL! It’s ironic.  I just spend so much time working with my clients that they get all the great video time!  But with every business, I emphasize how important it is to start connecting through that screen.  And video is the best to do that!  Period!

Take some time to plan out your videos, but also just make them.

As always, I hope this entry has helped you out!  We try to keep everything relevant to marketing in general and .  Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.  OR post in the comments section below to share and join in the conversation.

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