3 Home Run Reasons You Should Be Doing Facebook Ads


Here’s Three Reasons Why Serious Business People Love Facebook Ads

Facebook advertising is like nothing else before!  I spent a few hours the other day gushing about how awesome it is!  Yeah, it has been around for a while now, but it’s a revolution in marketing platforms.  And, it’s one of the few arenas that can help just about any business.

1. Facebook Ads are better than Google Adwords

Now I don’t know if Google is going to like me saying this, because it’s how they make their money.  They may even knock our site down a notch.   I’m just kidding.

Basically Google lacks the ability to laser focus their ads like Facebook can.  We’ll give more about that in a minute.  On top of that you can do SEO for Google instead of PPC or adwords.  In many respects it’s actually a lot better to do SEO than ads .

2. Can you say market research?

Before we go into what makes Facebook advertising so awesome, let’s look at what makes it even more awesome!  It is a POWERFUL market research tool.  Because they have so much data you get to see parallel interests (aka demgraphic and psychographic research!) of your market.  It’s like investing a million dollars in market research, or getting the results of that investment anyway!

As a marketer this brings me more than cake pan’s worth of delite.  It’s revolutionary!

3. Facebook Advertising Allows Laser focus.

Now let’s get into what makes Facebook advertising so powerful!  It is the data!  You can laser target the people who are going to see your ad!  This means that you don’t have to show it to anyone that you don’t want to show it to.

Sure, you will want to start somewhat broadly, but after a while you can begin to cut off specific demographics from seeing your ads.  If this doesn’t excite you then you must not have a marketing bone in your body!

Constructing the ad is a whole different matter, and a different science; however, it is also a whole different realm of fun.

I hope this article gets you at least a little bit fired up about Facebook advertising.  We sure are pumped about it!

Leave a comment if you have anything of value to contribute to this conversation. Or if you just have a question or two.

Wishing you all the best in your business and in your life,

Ben Sarma

Lead Marketer at IM Vanguard .

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