Customer Service and Marketing

Customer Service and Marketing

Customer Service is just one of those things … Just like everyone in our businesses is in marketing, EVERYONE in our businesses is in customer service!  My goal today is to give just a few golden nuggets of customer service that can permeate throughout your life and your business.  Take what works for you and add anything that you would like to add in the comment section.

1. Treat everyone like a million bucks . I mean this in two important ways.  First just make this a habit of yours.  Treat everyone that you come in contact with like they are important.  They obviously think so! And, it spreads good and kindness wherever you go.  Ask yourself, if you like people who make you feel smaller than them, or dumber, or less significant.  I didn’t think so … So try not to do that to anyone else.  Form the habit by practicing this in your everyday life.

The second component of this is how it applies to marketing and customer relations.  It is imperative to a business that stands out in this world to treat everyone of your customers as you might an A list client.  Treat them all like they deserve your best.  Again, they almost certainly believe that they deserve it.  Go out of your way to make others feel that they matter.

2. Go the extra mile after fixing your customer’s problems . You know as well as I do that not every process in your business is going to go as well as you’d like it to.  Sometimes components of your product or service (or employees) will not work like they are expected to.  When this happens you just need to fix the problem for your customer.  It doesn’t matter if they are right or wrong in this case … what matters is that they feel that they have been made up with.

One excellent way to negotiate your way successfully through this process is to just ASK the client what it would take to make them happy.  Then go from there.  I am not saying that you should always just give them what they want, but you don’t want those crusaders against your cause out there.

3. The customer is NOT always right .  But they are always your customer … and they are always a human being!  The point of this lame old maxim is to maintain respect for the customer in your customer relations; however, lost in the mix has been the simple matter of fact that your customer may have things DEAD WRONG!  But, they should not feel like you or your staff are condescending or angry.

Remember that human beings deserve to be treated with respect.  I believe that customer service comes from a deep love for others.  When we take a step back and put ourselves and our own interests on the backburner, we can truly affect others in a postive way.  This goes for our everyday relationships as well as our marketing and customer relations.

Everyone in your business needs to believe in and understand how you deal with your clients.  It is one of the most important components of your marketing, probably because it is one of the most personal.

Please feel free to get in touch with us if you need to.  We’re here to serve you.  Our specialty lies in SEO services in Victoria BC (and anywhere) and Internet marketing.

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