Basic Webinar Tips to Help You Make Money

Basic Webinar Tips for Money Making

If you’ve never made a webinar before, and are looking for a few guidelines then this post will help you out!  If you are a seasoned vet of webinars, then you may better use your time elsewhere.  This is just meant as a basic webinars tips section for Internet marketing.

I had an acquintance ask me the other day if webinars can be used to make money.  The truth is that they certainly can!  But it has to be done properly.  Here are some of the things that means.  If you have anything that you would like to add then please feel free.

1. You have to actually care about the process and the subject matter (and the medium). When we focus on money making and not the message (or the medium) we create garbage.  You need to actually care, or you are probably sunk.  A lot of people, ‘use’ social media, but they don’t actually like it or believe in it.  Can you say HUGE room for improvement?  Don’t fall into that trap with webinars.

2. You need to have a STRONG understanding of your subject matter. OR you have to be able to fake it!  The thing with webinars is that they are live, so I really recommend that you know a lot about what you are talking about.

3. Perhaps the most important element of webinars is getting people to attend. Even if you have an incredible webinar, you still need to get people to attend it.  The ways of doing this depend on how you are doing your marketing currently, and how you connect with your current clients.  A start may be to connect with them in person; you can do better than that by offering them something special to attend.  This can be done in person or via email.  Social media is another avenue that can be used to promote your webinar.

4. In promoting your webinar, use principles of marketing .  Ensure that your audience knows what the advantage of attending is going to be.  Give them something for coming, like a deal or simply compelling knowledge.  A webinar doesn’t have to be a huge expenditure.

5. PLAN, PLAN, PLAN! People who don’t plan out their webinars … or just about anything in their lives succeed by luck.   When you plan you have the chance to tackle ideas and create that you won’t have when you are on the spot.  I’m not saying that you should plan every step to death.  But you need to have some structure, and an outline for where you want everything to go, and what you plan to say.

6. Don’t forget your call to action. Give them something to do at the end of the webinar, or before the Q&A.  I recommend not being too salesy.  Give them an offer, and tell them that there is no pressure.  You want to play up the fact that this is a special offer just for them today (or for a few days).  Really emphasize this, and actually believe it too!  It’s a reward for their loyalty and support.

7. Give your listeners a Q&A. Yeah, this can be intimidating, but it only solidifies your expertise, and it helps them to feel appreciated.  If you know what you’re talking about, then you should always have a Q&A.

I hope you’ve found these webinar tips helpful.  If you have anything that you would like to add please post in the comments section below.  Also, if you would like to request a post then please simply contact us .

Wishing you only the best, in your success and in your life.  We’ll be talking to you soon about Internet marketing and SEO in Victoria BC and the world – .

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