Internet Marketing Victoria BC


We appreciate that you’ve taken the time to learn a bit more about us.

IM Vanguard is the brain child of its founder Ben Sarma, who welcomes you to connect with him on Facebook, Linkedin, or Twitter.  We haven’t been around for centuries, but we LOVE Internet marketing.  This is really what has allowed us to dominate search for SEO Victoria BC .  Search that in Google and you’ll find us a few times!

As anyone who knows us can attest, our business exists to help others.  That’s really what life and business are all about.  For us that comes through helping other businesses make more money.  It’s wonderful!

Here are a few other things that we want to ensure that we have the chance to say:

We Have a Strong Emphasis on Ethics and Meaning:

One of our top commitments is to market services that provide value to others.  For this reason we wish only to work with companies who have a quality service or product that has not been marketed to its full potential.  That means that you actually believe in what you’re offering, and that you strive to do good.

Good marketing like good business is never purely gratuitous.  We are committed to helping you connect with others through the Internet, and that means adding value to their experience of the Internet.  Ultimately to help your business grow.

We’re Looking for Partnerships

We believe that meaningful relationships depend on honesty and integrity.  We always prefer to be upfront and work with individual business owners in their market to create a powerful and unique marketing strategy.

Like a lawyer, doctor, or accountant we focus on the quality of our work rather than bombarding you with guarantees.  We do business with the utmost respect and care for your success, and truthfully we take your success personally.  This is why we do not just want clients, but partners.

A Few of the Things We Do for You – find out more in our Internet Marketing Services .

  • Rank your site in the search engines (SEO)
  • Website Development (using WordPress)
  • Website Content Management (such as copywriting, A/B or Split testing, Writing aid)
  • Blog Strategy
  • Manage Pay Per Click/Google Adwords Campaigns
  • Video Marketing – This is SO FUN!
  • Social Media Marketing – We are in LOVE with Facebook and Twitter, and happy to share that.
  • Consulting Services
  • Reputation Management