3 Tips to Writing Blog Posts When You Don’t Want to


How to Write Blog Posts – Motivating Yourself

I woke this morning with a fire in my belly to go and write at my computer.  I was determined I would sit down and pump out a few blog posts, maybe a few articles, while I was at it.  Then I got here and just couldn’t write a single word!  We could call it writer’s block, but I think it was more that I just didn’t want to write.

This reluctance to write can happen even when you’re passionate about blogging, and about what you’re blogging.  I’m proof enough of that.  And I definitely know that there are business owners out there who believe that they should be blogging but who aren’t doing enough of it.  So, let’s see if we can remedy this.

1. Established Purpose for Why You are Writing

For whatever reason humans are better at doing things when they have a reason for doing them, a motivation.  What motivates you?  What drives you?  For me it is a constant desire to be better than I used to be and better than my ‘competition’.  And, it is to do right by my family, to represent my love in work and wealth.

It may seem a bit strange, but these things motivate me in just about everything that I do.  There are other motivating factors of course, but these are the big ones.  Share below if you have any personal motivations that you would like to share.

When I put that into perspective then it’s not so hard to sit down and write a blog post, or work my butt off for 15 hours in a day.

2. Do It Now – Starting is Halfway Done

The easiest way to get over not wanting to do something, is to just sit down and get started.  Tell yourself that you are going to just type a few words … the rest will really take care of itself.  This principle can be applied to a lot of different activities in your life, namely anything that is not easy to do.  I think it was someone (lol) who said “getting started is halfway done.”  Try it.  It works EVERY time!

3. Attitude

Oddly enough the most important lesson that we ever learned was back in grade one.  Remember when they told you how important your attitude is?  How it’s contagious?  … “is yours worth catching?”  Oh the good old days!  I certainly remember that lesson.  But so often we pretent like we don’t know the truth of this claim.  So we get comfortable complaining about a problem rather than solving it.  I think most of us have been there, even a lot.

But after you have established your purpose in doing something, in this case blogging, it becomes easier to create your attitude.  Some people talk about attitude as a completely controlable entity.  But it’s not necessarily so simple.  It’s not a switch that you turn on or off.  With that said, like anything in life, you need to approach blogging with a positive attitude.  It’s imperative.  If you don’t then I am confident your blog will not succeed. Ouch!

Here’s a simple way to take control of your attitude.  Just reflect on what you could be doing.  And blogging will all of a sudden, not seem so bad afterall.  You could be hauling rocks for some fat foreman just to scrape by.  Instead you are running your own business in your attempt to achieve financial freedom!  Now that’s truly exciting.

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Wishing you only the best in life and in business

Ben Sarma

Lead Marketer at IM Vanguard .

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