11 Simple Tips to Revolutionize Your Business Website


11 Simple Tips to Revolutionize Your Business Website (Content)

The truth is that most business website content is downright disgusting.  We might be tempted to say that it’s because it’s written by people who don’t write often.  Though writing is a skill, this view is inaccurate.  If someone can write emails and posts on Facebook then with guidance they can write good website content too.

Following are 11 of the most powerful tips for writing effective business/marketing website content or copy.

Why?  Because it helps you stand out and earn more business!

Leave your grammar books and your inhibitions about writing behind.  Creating website content is about communicating with your clients and trying to win some of your prospects.  If you can’t get even a little bit excited about that, then take a look in the mirror, because they’re what this whole thing is about.

Here are our 11 tips to help create powerful business website content :

1. Focus on benefits to the reader (and not on yourself).

2. Speak to your reader by using the second person (“you” orientation).

3. If you can, make a promise to your reader (that you can fulfill later).

4. Use specific proof and examples whenever appropriate.

5. Obtain and use video testimonial.  Even use written testimonials, but get those videos!

6. Have a plan ahead of time to save time in writing and to just do a better job.

Answer questions like to help with your game plan: what am I trying to get across here? Is this content useful to the reader? Does it convey my main/unique benefit?

7. Use short sentences and relatively short paragraphs.  Sentences should be no more than 12-16 words.

8. Write like you speak.  Not like you’re trying to be some marketing hot shot.  You’ll up sounding like you’re TRYING to be a marketing hot shot.

9. NEVER EVER copy and paste what someone else has done.  It is bad for Google ranking ( SEO ) , unethical, and could damage credibility.

10. Answer this question with before, during, and after you write: why should I listen to you?

11. Edit your content for simplicity, clarity, and “why should I care?”

Our list is not exhaustive, so trolls be gone!  But if you have a worthwhile tip to add, then please do so.  We would love if you could add something extra for others.

Hope this helps you make a site that doesn’t read like a resume.  Because who reads resumes for fun?  And why would you ever want something to be monotonous when it doesn’t have to be? Engage readers, rather than handing them your resume.

Wishing you only the best (unless your our competitor … just kidding – we’re all just people trying to make life work).  Talk to you soon,

Ben Sarma,  Lead Marketer at Vanguard Internet Marketing .

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